We have an ample industrial plant in Lanús, (province of Buenos Aires, Argentina.) in which we completely made a wide range of cylinders for NGV that are applied to diverse types of vehicles.
In it we have on machineries and specific tools of last generation that allow us to adapt to the necessities of the client development on the size of the vehicle extending this way the line of products, including the heavy vehicles and of load.

Know our cylinders (diameters expressed in mm)


In the 2006 we’ve included new line of products, the stationary cylinders of storage of different capacities for NGV from high pressure. The stationary cylinders are used to guarantee the flow of NGV from their compression to their use in vehicles.

Stationary Cylinders

In the most of the cases they could be in NGV stations on watch, catching the originating provision of NGV from the network of Natural Gas after being compressed and this way having guaranteed the flow and the suitable pressure adapted to the NGV jets.


The best way to transport energy in reduced times and without fixed installations.

Unidad de transporte de GNC
Cilindro diámetro 232 mm Cilindro diámetro 244 mm Cilindro diámetro 273 mm Cilindro diámetro 280 mm Cilindro diámetro 323 mm Cilindro diámetro 340 mm Cilindro diámetro 355 mm Cilindro diámetro 406 mm
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